uctp tribal member

Tree Of Life

The tree of life stands tall and time approaches it`s new course, Creation weaves it`s blanket of change moulding spirit to its spine, dreams web connecting all walks and forms, dream spirits sow their eyes and hearts so we may see, spiralling through Creation as the soul colours and awakens it`s sacred heart and love. The sky light is bright and warm and so scarred, the tree is scolded and ready to fall to its roots, braking and snapping as if a wind blows it until it gives, ceremony is awarded and by the most high to come together in one soul and healing power, noticing is landing your eyes upon the single ant so small without any significance, four directions turn as the tree holds us all in it`s safe place, may the tree be restored or is it time a new seedling is born replacing this falling sacred tree. Motherearth is living, feel her to know her, include her in your heart to find the missing part of our human existence.