uctp tribal member

Mist Rise

A mist rises from the mouth of our Mother connecting us all, her voice so soft, her heart beating compassion from the depths of her earth, see her, feel her presence and light, a sacred being of star dust and children of Creation of all forms and teaching energies, have no needs and only learning, have no greeds and only sharing, have no control to understand how to walk with control over only ones moral limitations, Motherearth needs your thoughts, she wants to hear your tears, she feels for your company and sacred prayer, she bares the most pain so life is, she feels pain and we don`t know, she bares scars and still it is picked, our Motherearth supreme and living magical being of the most, she serves you with a trusting heart, feeds you with the softest smile, may your day be beautiful of curiousities of spirit and connection through your practical day, one love ……. Rasta