uctp tribal member


I`am no Indian, I`am no African, I`am no Mongolian, I`am no Welshman, and no Englishman, when I look into the mirror I see a human being and Child of Motherearth. Systems of men and this race weather it be working class, classes of whatever religions and traditions will never be as true as speaking the truth, and being honest through breath and each heartbeat. True religion and spirituality exist in you, speaking and walking your truth will reveal the connection to love and further your education in being human. Motherearth is real with a heart and body that feels pain, why is this so hard to understand, is this because it conflicts with your illusions of reality what you think is real and what is not real, confusion has it`s source and was taught to you by mans systems, this idealogical system is to seperate our reality and create our own and have our own opinions and preferences to then conflict over the opinions. The system feeds us fear and hate, we have opportunity to join the revelution of light, to bring this forth into the present, the revelution is to be kind to all life, to share, to love and resist against the machine that doctrinates our minds into confusion. Everybody has choice and option in our responses. I pray the response will be in the force of love and through the kindness of your heart, no matter your religion or tradition you still have the choice to be loving and conquer the hate that dwells within, lead yourself instead of following the word, read between the lines and use your heart for the real sense of truth, practice being human to feel human ……. One Love