uctp tribal member


How long will these crimes continue as we eat well and live good in our environments, brothers and sisters of our indigenous first nations throughout the world continue to suffer the consequences for wanting freedom to live a healthy way. This negativity will always be, until this world force of goverments no matter your race will eat the surface of your Motherearth suffocating all life in the process. If you have not yet witnessed through experience the hardships and the struggles then you will one day when your back yard is mined for the little energy left. They won`t stop or listen, they won`t reason or feel compassion, the love is not in these beings to care it is only greed that drives these goverments and families to profit from the people in this monopoly system. We are pityfull in comparison to the universe and all of it`s sacred wonders, how can humans feel they have power in this Creation, how can anything man made or written possess any spiritual concept when they are only words of man shared from their own experience, how can humans believe they are intellegent if they can`t evolve it through compassion and the natures that surround them, humans are in trouble and now the revelution asides within your light, within your mind does it interpret your heart or does it interpret your wants, does your light feed the selfish part of you or does it dare to care and catch the tears of those in need including first Motherearth`s needs. This place is dark matter that will break you down, it will break your spirit mind and body until your contributions and service`s are finished, my prayer is finding the solution within and noticing how to share this light and force we all have, to steer it in the direction of caring and finding love and it`s education to overstand your situation. Life needs the gentle touches of the humans, life needs it`s care takers to share the simplicity of love and care so you will be honored for the sacred steps walked, this is our revelution of all Nations to find our self and share this force of compassion, if not physically but in prayers as a human beings. In my experience so far is first nations and the understandings of our systems and education are not overstood, my heart tears through this yearning to see man and woman kind come together, so time is coursing so join this light our star provides, live in it and have no shame, be it and have no doubt, walk with your head proud and not down, let the light and rays of the sun give you energy, allow the leaf of the tree brush your head and bless your heart, let your ears work and listen to the morning song to help lift your soul in this new day, we are surrounded by the most spiritual forces without sometimes knowing it, they are here to help you to encourage us to further our studies in our university in it`s 360 degrees.