uctp tribal member

Kestrel Wings

The run brings Kestrel wings and Hedgehog coats, Autumn Sunshine and skies of blue. I rest and see starlit grass dews, universal webs and white butterflies in the finishing touches of Creations Summer. A song of the morning bird and humming sounds of the wasp next to my ear, all working Creation responsibility and fulfilling the chores of life, Here I ‘am silent as the fast begins into a new Autumn cycle looking back and into this present, sadness overwhelms my heart and tears of joy and happiness, Motherearth is my church, a solitude and sacredness so gentle and revealing, she tends my heart with only the truth and the highest honesty, may other faiths remember the Ancestors burdens and struggles why we are here today, may others find it in their hearts to know Motherearths heart and pain, she is our Mother and loves all.