uctp tribal member


The Grand Mother moon is awake and showing her sacred self in this fine misty morning, it is an honor to vision her cycle and recieve her blessings and starlit prayers. May our words be true and honest as these shifts take their courses, don`t wake and curse bringing the devils and matters of dark thoughts, smile and encourage the light to be bought to the front line of our life`s, each cycle of the stars is in it`s own right and ceremony where the spirits live free, be apart and join in with your Ancestors duties of love, prayers and healing forces. Here I`am remembering how small I`am and so insignificant compared to the mighty forces of the Moon, Sun and all the teaching relatives of all colors and shapes, feeling humbled this morning knowing the force of what real power is, only when the river flows and starts it`s first drop is power, when the wind blows and carries a seed to the earth is power, when fire spreads and burns the acorn to release a seed once again to plant it`s self in the rich scorched earth is power, feeling loved so send it out to those watching carefully how we walk and those listening to each breath we share into lifes place so sacred ……. Only One Love, One Race, Four Colors …. Peace.