uctp tribal member

Runnning in Prayers

Running in prayer is such a wonderful experience with all morning relatives, each step is awareness and bless those of the miniture sacred world that give us life and existence. Remember the small to know the big and our place here, the voice takes me 4 miles this morning and pushes my soul and body through this new feeling. Already whilst praying in the run and heartbeat I notice I have ran 3 miles, then I stop to communicate with the horses and they come and allow me to touch them, to cuddle them and speak in spirit with them, what a privilage to share my waters with the Grandfather horse as the red tailed hawk sits there on the line watching. After this time I run to the open grasses to only be gifted with another giant brown and grey hawk drifting in the sacred warm winds, my soul feels noticed and prayers are sent with only a loving heart. What a morning to a fine day still in it`s youthfullness, the Sun shares it`s self from behind the cloud for a moment before retiring into the rain clouds, greetings all my relatives …….