uctp tribal member

Be Ready

My life is feeling the air on my face as I run in prayers for Motherearth and Relations, honoring the sun and feeling the Sunrays beam onto my body as I pass through the long grasses to the lake. At the lake I stand fullfilling my thirst with sacred waters I carry, it is then I breath more and let in all that amazing energy of nature and our wonderful sacred relations. My eyes land upon the clear waters seeing the colors of truth as the swift bird flys low by my feet, in the same moment the swan awakes from his rested night and the ducks awaken all upon the waters with their loud prayerfull voices. Then gracefully I perform the forms of the Chi Gong and Wingchun, allowing more breath and focus to enter my universal system of what I`am before running back to finish my morning journey …. Always Be Ready, One Love