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So just to let all yall know everything is good, they realized my body had rapidly healed whilst in surgery and did not need to go ahead with any more work. When we change our ways to help ourselfs either in spirit or physical wellbeing I know it can be achieved through food and good waters. Be aware what we eat, what we drink, find out what is in these foods and waters and then make your change. High alkaline diets are the key to uplifting soul, mind and strengthening the body healing bacteria, here is a chart for all to study and maybe see it as an option of opportunity …….

During this time I did a ph and ppm chemical studies of the waters we drink locally with a scientist I know and tested the spring waters to find out the best water to drink, all waters were full of chemicals including psychiatric chemicals used for psychological patients, also chlorine and flouride was presently high and not to mention the other 226 chemicals introduced in your drinking water. The healthiest water was 9 ladies in Bakewell with no salts or chemicals and only natural minerals present which the body accepts. Table salt was almost death due to it`s glass content that traps it`s self in your body so I changed to himalayan salt to add to the gallon of water I drink everyday, relieves and takes away any joint aches and clears the mind well …….

In my experience I start with barley grass after prayers which is a good alkaline balancer, breakfast, 1 shreadded wheat with organic cornflakes in goats milk, lunch, 1 vegetable mix juice with fresh vegetables which you make and store in the fridge to use the next 5 days from the alkaline chart, also 2 boiled eggs with toast and remember the 1 gallon of water a day with half a teaspoon of himalayan salt, then the main meal at the end of the day just a normal meal with your family to give the body some acid are you can feel like your on cocaine, they call this alkaline overdose lol …….

Women if you are concerned about your skin health this works very well, it is the first time my skin feels like a babies with no scars of spots. Just a insight sighting outwards and maybe could be benificial for others, keep positive do your research and love yourselfs and then love can spread like an infection, for the people one love …….