uctp tribal member


A lesson from the teachers was always about faith, the importance to have true faith in your choices and in your journey however you speak to the Creator. As I shrink to only 9 stone through my experience of troubles my faith keeps me alive in spirit, as my life changes in another direction never expected it is the faith in this long process that will truely heal my soul mind and gravitate the spirit. Faith does not only come through religion it is a living energy that we all possess in making our decisions and choices on our rocky roads of understandings. I know through this spirit of faith that all will be fine and balance will be restored to find it`s harmony with all the living and sacred things, never give up during your struggles and remember it is the struggles that strengthen the hearts spirit. So live with your faith and keep focused on the aims and objectives and you will prosper and truely able to say I lived in a good way, One Love in Faith and Harmony …….