uctp tribal member


Life is a butterfly and it`s path that is never straight but it knows the path, life is the wind that carries the falling leaf that swirls in it`s performance to the sacred grounds, life is the shining white clouds reflecting the faint colors of the rainbow nation, life is the lady bug that stopped me during my footsteps so it could cross my path with a beautiful prayer and enjoy our togetherness, life is knowing our relationship with all sacred connections always to connect no matter the form of life, life continues each day and moment, lessons to further our inner and most in depth soul with al the living and sacred forces willing to teach us if we listen, these are the interlects of our hearts and the spiritual voices of our teachers blessing us the moments we experience and growing into another experience. Men and Women we are sacred so treat all living beings around us sacred, live the most we can now in this moment, create beautiful moments and appriciate your existence being apart of a beautiful moment in the home of our Grandmother earth ……….. I`am A Freeman