uctp tribal member

The Table

As we sit with Grandmother Earth at her table of food and divine love, where she feeds her children well filling their bellies in each day, where she smiles and enjoys their company whilst teaching her children the love she carries and allowing each child to feel what it is within her arms next to her heart. When the children have understood this love and how powerful and sacred it is, only then is our time to walk in the gentle and sacred breath of our Grandfather. He will give you the eyes to see beauty beyond and teach us through this compassion of our Great Mother, and how to see so much more with the eye of the heart, it is this connection with our Mother that allows us to expand and grow universally with our Father in his steps of teachings …. We are here to know our Motherearth before Creation can give you the more, how can we give you more if we recieve the less, in the Spirit of Motherearth and Creation, One Love Family …….