uctp tribal member

Cooking Pot

Today`s Cooking Pot….

Watching the pinto bean soup create, spiraling and turning, growing and reflecting Motherearths Creation. Listening to the songs of the rain each drop bringing a rhythm and a joined relation with every other drop, allowing us the sacred beat of the drum to our Grandmothers heart.

Such beautiful thoughts in such moment of the cooking pot, give thanks to those before us, give thanks to the Ancestors that struggled to survive, give thanks to those that carried the heavy hardship remaining alive for us today.

Those witnessed such horrific atrocities, we fought with the heart, we fought with compassion, with love to maintain the sacred land our home, for it is our life`s education, our spiritual continuation, our human development, through our Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Creation, the truth is in our destinies.

Back again to the pot and all the Earth I see is new, looking into the pot and to see Grandmother Earth, as she shows in the prayers more about what she is, how she is and how she grows. Grandmother is kind and so generous, so giving with her touch of softness, so forgiving and caring for all her children, she is beautiful throughout her sacred heart & body.