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I Master Nothing

Apr 7th, 2016 | By catchateardread | Category: Freemans Poetry

I master nothing or complete its soul; I experience mastering lessons from the seed to its eldership parting into family councils of divine spirit and all colours. I ‘am the equal and smallest of beings so young and a spring beginning compared, hear my soul and not my words, feel this heart and not it`s rhythm, listen to this story in its moment shared to us, to weave and let our creation decide the blanket, the web or the creation of matter of lightning life forms as we travel through divine places. Here we are so braided and dreaded together to see and be a part of wonders sacred places Motherearth shares with us, feel your heart beat with hers as I lay and breath in her body into mine, feeling connected laying upon her hair feeling her gentle hands bless my body so softly, my head rests as she calms the mind taking you far from these forms of worries and mind, she strokes the hair and I make a stand awaited by Grandfather to take his hand.

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