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Prayer Grounds

Aug 21st, 2014 | By catchateardread | Category: Places of Prayers

From my personal experience I have visited many places of prayer, the Sundance was a very powerful experience and so grounded being surrounded by the Lakota people, to find ourselves in the privilege of ceremony amongst strong people is a honor but can be lonely when you live away and can`t return to such beautiful ceremonies. Returning to the UK was difficult and leaving a loving family of spiritual hearts, but in time my heart found powerful destinations to go pray and feel the hearts of my peoples in these sacred places.

Certain places found here in the UK would make you imagine that these grounds are not of our people but don`t let these thoughts fool you, the Stone circles revived my heart in such heart ache and gave the chance to enter into ceremony with my people no matter where they are on the body of Motherearth. All together we are one people and one Children of Motherearth, and the lands we lived on we built many prayer locations for the people so they could return to pray and continue to perform ceremony in their own right.

So no matter your race or culture remember you can return to Motherearth through many directions and grounds, Motherearth has a very sacred body that connects to us all, so have no doubts and send your prayers to heal, to help, to clear the road for many still to come, one love ….


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