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Children of Motherearth Ceremony

Aug 21st, 2014 | By catchateardread | Category: Upcoming Ceremonies

Every day is ceremony in its own right, the rising of the Sun, Moon, Stars and sacred seasons. Noticed we are fast approaching the autumn and the season is pacing to its time of change, already the leaves fall from the trees and reality is visible of its changes and Motherearths movements. Find a place of peace were you live and acknowledge the changes with prayer and the love you have in your heart for Motherearth and all life, it is the heart that is the vessel to the Creator and Motherearth to heal them with your compassion.

Be one with all life and if you don`t have that connection to attend with your people then attend with your Motherearth and Creation, all eyes and ears see and hear you, and most important Motherearth feels you ……. Autumn Solstice is approaching so like everyday send your love out there so all life can feel the healing and amongst the stars can shine brighter……. One Love from a Xymaca Taino Heart…. Freeman

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