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    Indigenous Enrollment Program

    If you are Taino, Arawak, or Caribbean, you can become a part of this dynamic movement by affirming your Caribbean Indigenous heritage via our Taino Population Census and Inter-Tribal Registry. Just download the enrollment forms and fill them out as per the instructions included in the document package.

    United Confederation of Taino People

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Freemans Poetry

I Master Nothing

I master nothing or complete its soul; I experience mastering lessons from the seed to its eldership parting into family councils of divine spirit and all colours. I ‘am the equal and smallest of beings so young and a spring beginning compared, hear my soul and not my words, feel this heart and not it`s [...]

Taino Ceremony Songs

Taino Indigenous Music

Taino music is our heart and without our songs is like not knowing another part of our identity. Ceremony songs are very important, given the opportunity to share our time with our songs is a clarification regarding who we are as Taino people. Music played a very significant role in the everyday life and also [...]

Upcoming Events

Peace and Dignity Run

The Midwest Peace and Dignity Journeys route. Vanessa Quezada is taking a lead on this one. These runners will depart from AK and run towards the Great Lakes then head South towards the Dakotas, central Texas, and the Interior of Mexico. This route and the West Coast route will merge at Teotihuacan, near Mexico City.
I [...]


The Waters Edge

The pulling waters drawing and pulling at the souls, through its body as it strays the spirit into its shore falling in to its soft voice breathing and moving always, this sacred force and rhythm of life giving and struggling for breath in every movement, true strength as it paints the lightening upon the smooth [...]

Places of Prayers

Prayer Grounds

From my personal experience I have visited many places of prayer, the Sundance was a very powerful experience and so grounded being surrounded by the Lakota people, to find ourselves in the privilege of ceremony amongst strong people is a honor but can be lonely when you live away and can`t return to such beautiful [...]